Nutrition Details

You are able to tap on any section of the Record Dashboard to view additional stats and historical data pertinent to that section.

To view nutrition details, simply tap on the upper right quadrant of your Record Dashboard, labeled "Nutrition."


From the My Nutrition page, you can log your daily nutrition, connect with MyFitnessPal, and view your nutrition logs over time.  


Protip: Tap the circled 'i' icon next to "Daily Nutrition" to view definitions about what light, medium, and heavy mean in terms of calorie intake, and when you may want to select a particular option.

Why does it say MyFitnessPal on the Dashboard and Nutrition detail page?MyFitnessPal is part of Under Armour, and Nutrition section in Record is a MyFitnessPal branded feature. We will evolve this feature over time to include additional information from MFP.

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