Interacting with your UA Scale™

Navigating your UA Scale™ 
Navigation icons will illuminate on the scale underneath the the left or right side of the scale’s LED display.  Pressing on the left or right side of the scale while an icon is illuminated will choose the action corresponding to that icon Use your bodyweight to press on the left and right foot pads; a light tap may not activate the buttons.
There are four icons: two on the left, and two on the right
The left side icons are Select (checkmark) and Change Profile (person). 
The right side icons are Next (right arrow) and Menu (three lines)
Detailed directions for using UA Scale’s icon-and-LED navigation system are available in the full User Manual, downloadable here.
Customizing Settings on your UA Scale
You can customize many aspects of UA Scale, including: account display name, units of measurement, audio cues, and languages.
To navigate through the settings menu on the scale, press your foot on the right side of the scale, underneath the Menu icon (three lines) when it is illuminated.   Once you’ve entered the settings menu, the Select (check mark) and the Next (right arrow) icons will illuminate.  Press on the right side of the scale (Next) to navigate through the menus and press on the left side (Select)  to select a setting to change.  
Settings for the scale can also be configured within the UA Record™ app.  Tap on the UA Sync icon at the top right of the UA Record home screen, and then select UA Scale.  Your scale will need to be within Bluetooth range of your phone, powered on, and not engaged in the weigh-in process, in order to connect to it and change the settings for your UA Scale.
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