Getting Started

Turning on your UA Scale
Before attempting to pair your UA Scale™ to your phone, make sure it is powered on.
  • With the UA Scale front facing down, pull the flap of thin film out of the battery compartment until it is completely removed.
  • Turn your UA Scale over. It should now be turned on.            
Note: Your UA Scale will go into Sleep mode after 60 seconds of inactivity. Press or step on it firmly to wake it up. If your battery power is too low, your UA Scale will show a low battery animation after it starts. Your batteries need to be replaced.
Positioning your UA Scale
 Before using your UA Scale, you’ll need to find a proper place to put it. 
  • Place your UA Scale on a hard level surface in order to give you the most accurate readings.
  • Make sure your UA Scale is within range of the Wi-Fi® router that you want to use.
  • Be sure not to place your UA Scale on slippery surfaces.
For best results, wait several minutes after relocating UA Scale™ to measure your weight. Each time you weigh-in after moving your scale, the number may be slightly inaccurate. Weigh in a second time for more accurate results.
Connecting your UA Scale to your Phone
 1. Before attempting to connect your scale to your mobile phone, make sure to:
  • Download and install UA Record on your phone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth® in your phone's settings.
  • Place your UA Scale near your phone.
  • Place UA Scale is in range of your Wi-Fi router.

2. Launch the UA Record app on your phone.

Do one of the following:
  • If you are a new UA Record user, tap Register to create your UA Record account.
  • If you already have a UA Record or MapMyFitness account, log in using your email and password.
3. Once signed in, tap the UA Sync icon in the top right of the Record Dashboard > Select UA Scale > tap "Connect."
IMPORTANT: DO NOT STAND ON SCALE WHILE TRYING TO PAIR IT TO YOUR PHONE. Remain standing next to the scale and use your foot to tap the scale when prompted, but do not stand on the scale.
4. When your UA Scale shows “Press to confirm,” press on your UA Scale with your foot. Your UA Scale will show “Scale Confirmed” to indicate that it has successfully paired with UA Record.
By pairing the UA Record app with your UA Scale, you will also create a profile on your UA Scale. 
Enabling Bioelectrical Impedence
5. After successfully pairing your UA Scale to your phone, you will be asked to enable/disable BEI, or Bioelectrical Impedence, which is the method used to measure body fat %. If you are interested in the scale calculating and recording body fat, you must have this setting enabled.
Important Notice: Do not enable BEI if...
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have a pacemaker installed.
  • You have any medical device installed that is electrically sensitive. 
  • You are under 14 years of age.
6. Once you have selected your preference for BEI, tap "Next."
Connecting your UA Scale to WiFi
7. Next, you will be asked to connect your UA Scale to a nearby Wi-Fi network. Provide the network’s security credentials, if applicable. Again, make sure you are not standing on the scale during these steps.
IMPORTANT: UA Scale only supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. It cannot connect to enterprise networks. 
8. Once paired to your phone and connected to Wi-Fi, your UA Scale should be ready to roll! Step up when prompted to begin measuring your weight and body fat %.
Please note the following about your UA Scale:
-To measure body fat %, you must step on the scale completely barefoot.
-UA Scale™ connects to your phone via Bluetooth to adjust the scale’s settings. UA Scale™ connects to Wi-Fi to sync your weight and body fat percentage to your UA Record account.
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