Viewing Workout Stats

While tracking a workout, the stats displayed are non-customizable.  Heart rate data will only be displayed if a device has been successfully paired with the application prior to beginning your workout.

Once you have completed your workout, you are prompted create the post generated by your workout. You must create a post in order for your workout to be saved in Record. From the Create page, you are able to: 1) set the privacy of your post, 2) write a comment about your workout, 3) add a photograph, 4) add a place, 5) share your post to Facebook or Twitter, and, lastly 6) post your workout.


Once your workout has posted, it will show up on your Activity Feed under the tab labeled "My Posts." Depending on the privacy you selected, your post will be only visible to you, your friends, or to everyone (public).  


You can tap the post to view additional workout details, such as average and peak heart rate, average intensity, and WILLpower (if applicable).


If you used a HR monitor while recording your workout, you can view HR graphs and zones under the fitness quadrant of your Dashboard. To access, open UA Record > tap on the Fitness Quadrant > scroll down to view HR graphs and zone charts.


To view this information for workouts in the past, you'll need to use the < arrow keys > at the top of the page to navigate to the day of your workout.

Can I view a map/route of my workout in UA Record?

At this time, you can only view a map of your route in one of our partner apps, such as MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, etc. To view this data, tap on your workout's Activity Feed post a second time. If you have a MapMy app installed on your phone, you should be prompted with "Record would like to open MapMy..." If you press "allow," MapMy will open up and display your Workout Details, including map/route and various graphs, including elevation and heart rate (if applicable). To view heart rate and elevation graphs, you will need to swipe right to view the additional panels.


              Workout Details      > swipe right >    Heart Rate vs. Elevation



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