Step Details

You are able to tap on any section of the Record Dashboard to view additional stats and historical data pertinent to that section.

To view step details, simply tap on the upper left quadrant of your Record Dashboard, labeled "Activity."


From the My Activity page, you can view your Step Details, Total Distance, and your Step Trends over time.


Step Details

This bar graph represents time-series data for your total number of steps taken throughout the day. Each bar-graph segment represents one 15 minute period.

Total Distance

This bar graph allows you to view the total distance you have walked in a week, month, or year! Select your preferred time-span at the top and be amazed with your achievements!

Step Trends

This chart allows you to view number of steps in relation to your step goal over time. Similar to the Total Distance graph, you can select your preferred time-span: week, month, or year to help you gain valuable insight into your progress.

Protip: Tap the circled 'i' icon next to "Daily Steps" to view helpful information about what a good step goal for your lifestyle may be.

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