Tracking Steps

UA Band™ will automatically track your step total throughout the day. Steps will appear on the Activity screen of the band’s display, as well as within the Activity quadrant of the UA Record Dashboard.
To view Steps on UA Band:
  1. On the Home screen, swipe left or right until you get to the Activity screen.
  2. Tap to scroll through your data, including calories burned and distance traveled.
The calories displayed in the Activity screen of UA Band reflect calories burned from steps, and do not include calories that were burned during Fitness workouts.
To view Steps in UA Record:
  1. Tap on the Activity quadrant of the Record Dashboard to view Step Details, including time-series data and Step goals. 
Tip: You can set a new Steps goal at any time in the UA Record app. On your profile page, tap My Goals > Activity > set your new goal.
Please note that a WiFi or cellular network connection is required for the band to sync with the UA Record app. It also may take a few moments for the data to appear within the application. 
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