Troubleshoot - UA Band

Reconnecting your Band to your Phone
If your band has become disconnected from your phone and you are having trouble reconnecting, please review the following items, which will prevent a phone and band from re-establishing a lost connection: 
  • Make sure the band is not in airplane mode or tracking a sleep session - both of these band states will prevent the band from connecting to the phone.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled in your phone's settings. In some cases toggling Bluetooth off and on may resolve a connectivity issue.
If the above to cases are not the cause for disconnection, please review the troubleshooting steps outlined below to see if this will allow your UA Band to reconnect to your phone.

1) Force quit the UA Record app > re-open and check band settings to see if connection is repaired

2) If disconnect persists, power cycle the band and your phone by turning them both off and on again.

3) In your phone's Bluetooth settings, forget the UA Band.

4) After forgetting the band from your phone, forget the phone from your UA Band. 
  •  Tap on the down arrow  
  • Select Settings  
  • Tap the phone icon 
  • Scroll right through text, if visible, and tap checkmark to confirm "forget this device." A Blue LED light should begin flashing.**
5) Initiate pairing to UA Band from Record app. To do this, open Record > tap the "UA Sync" icon in the top right of the Dashboard > select UA Band > Connect.
Wait for the spinning wheel to either confirm connection or time out. If it times out, please tap the button that says "Set up a new UA Band."

Factory Reset

Factory reset will restore your UA Band to it's out-of-box state. All data stored on UA Band will be lost in a factory reset. To performa a factory reset, follow the instructions below.
  1. On the Home screen, tap .
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap , and then tap .
  4. Swipe to read the warning, and at the end of the details, tap .
  5. When asked to confirm, tap .
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