Troubleshoot - UA Heart Rate

Connect UA Heart Rate to the Record App

1. Press the "UA Sync" icon located in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard page. From here, select the UA Heart Rate device from the Connect Device list. Press "Connect" at the bottom to get started.
2. Touch the two contacts on the back of the UA Heart Rate puck to turn it on and place it into discovery mode. You should see the UA Logo slowly blink blue on the heart rate monitor.
3. If the app says "Could Not Connect," please select "Set up a new UA Heart Rate" > tap "Continue." This will forget the old pairing and try to establish a new connection with the UA Heart Rate.
4. If you still cannot connect your UA Heart Rate to Record, please try removing the battery from the HR pod and re-inserting it. This will reset the HR monitor. After doing so, please re-attempt connection by following the instructions in step 1.
5. Once a connection has been established, you're ready to begin a workout with UA Heart Rate!

Connect UA Heart Rate to UA Band


To workout with UA Heart Rate and UA Band, simply put the UA Heart Rate monitor on, close the Record app on your phone, and start a workout on the UA Band. The UA Band will automatically connect to your UA Heart Rate (this could take several seconds) and you're good to go!

Once the UA Heart Rate is connected to the band, the light on the heart rate monitor will turn OFF (to preserve the battery), but the UA Band heart rate zone light will turn on.

Inaccurate UA Heart Rate Readings

If your UA Heart Rate is giving inaccurate readings, please try the following tips to ensure correct measurements.

  1. Remove the puck from the strap and trying popping out the battery and then replacing it. This should reset your UA Heart Rate.
  2. Re-insert the puck into the strap, being sure to orient the puck correctly (with the dot facing the top of the strap and the HTC logo oriented correctly).
  3. When putting the strap back on, make sure the dot remains facing upward and that the sensors are in direct contact with your skin.
  4. Ensure you have the latest software for the device by visiting the UA Heart Rate settings page. To check, follow the instructions below:
    • Tap the UA Sync button in the top right corner.
    • Tap the contacts on the heart rate monitor to wake it up.
    • Once it connects, tap "Software Version" in the settings area and it will tell you if your software is up to date or if there is an update available.

Lastly, if you are still having issues with inaccurate heart rate, you may try moistening the strap's sensor pads to ensure proper conductivity. 


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