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You can link a Jawbone account to Record from the Jawbone app, our import page, or from the Connect Apps & Devices section of the mobile app. To set this up click the Jawbone widget and log in with your Jawbone account email and password. We automatically receive the following workout information after connecting Jawbone accounts: 

  • Daily Steps 
  • Sleep (limited to awake, deep, and light sleep. We do not collect REM sleep data at this time)


Workouts and stats are not syncing properly or at all from Jawbone to Record account

Though we try to prevent it from happening, occasionally problems with accounts and devices syncing may occur. If Jawbone is not syncing steps or sleep to your Dashboard at all, visit the Record device import page and try the following:

  • On the Jawbone widget hover over the green checkmark on the Jawbone widget and disconnect it from Record. After doing so reconnect Jawbone and check if the data transfers to Record. 
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting Record from the Jawbone app. 

Jawbone also has a helpful guide on their data syncing policy here


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