In order to link your Misfit account to UA Record, you must begin by downloading the Misfit application on your smart phone. 

After downloading the app from either Google Play or the iTunes App Store, sign up for an account or sign into your existing Misfit account. Select Misfit Shine from the Devices list and make sure bluetooth is enabled before tapping the red circle to link your device to the app. This may take a few moments or multiple attempts.

After successfully signing in and linking your Shine, please select MapMyFitness from the "apps" screen, which will prompt you to log in and authorize the connection. 


Once it reads "connected," your Misfit Shine should sync to your UA Record/MapMyFitness account! We should then receive the following information in Record: 

  • Steps
  • Sleep


Workouts and stats are not syncing properly or at all from Misfit to Record account

Though we try to prevent it from happening, occasionally problems with accounts and devices syncing may occur. Record imports workout data from Misfit once nightly. 

If your Misfit activity is not syncing to your Dashboard or account at all, visit the Record device import page and try the following:

  • In the Misfit app disconnect and reconnect MapMyFitness. This sometimes jumpstarts proper syncing. 


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