Android GPS Troubleshooting

GPS accuracy depends on a variety of factors, including the device you're using and its operating system, battery life, your cellular network, weather conditions, and whether you are in an open area (congested cellular conditions, trees, and buildings can obstruct GPS). Keep this in mind and please know that slight miscalculations are to be expected when recording. 

The tips outlined below should restore normal GPS recording to the app on most Android devices with the latest OS. This will prevent common problems including incorrect distance and stats tracking. 

First, ensure you are using the latest version of our app. Many devices have special GPS behaviors, and the latest version of the app handles these behaviors the best. To upgrade the app:

    1. Enter the "Play Store" app from your app drawer.  
    2. Tap the menu button and click on "Settings". Tap on the "Auto-update apps" and select the second or third option, pick which ever one better suits your situation.
    3. Return to the "Play Store" menu then tap the menu button and select "My apps".  From this list, scroll down to find our app and select it.
    4. Then from the details view, you may select the "Update" button if you see one (If you only see "Open" and "Uninstall" then you already have the latest version).  If you have already paid for the + version, you will not be charged again.

 Second, ensure that you have enabled GPS on your Android device for our app. Instructions on how to do this are as follows:

    1. Enter the device's "Settings" app from your app drawer.  
    2. Next, select "Location access" and ensure the "Use GPS satellites" and "Use wireless networks" checkboxes are checked ("Use wireless networks" will help reduce the time it takes for your device to obtain a GPS fix).
    3. Finally, from the "Settings" app, select the "Date and time" item and ensure the "Automatic date and time" and "Automatic time zone" check boxes are checked.  GPS and our app rely heavily on an accurate time and time zone.  Having your device set to the incorrect time zone or time, may prolong the time taken to obtain a GPS fix, and may result in other inaccuracies in your recorded workout stats.

 If you are still having GPS issues after the steps above, try these additional steps that are known to resolve almost all issues.

    1. Restart your phone regularly.  Usually holding down the power button and selecting "Reboot" or "Power off" will do this.
    2. Remember you must be outside with a clear view of the sky when your device is searching for a GPS signal.
    3. Ensure you have a good internet connection when your device is first searching for a GPS signal.  Your device may need to use the internet to obtain hints that will greatly reduce the time it takes to find your location.

Question:  Why do other apps show my location but yours does not?

Answer:  Please be aware that just because other apps like the "Maps" app or our app may show your location on the map, this does not mean that your device has a GPS signal or a GPS location fix has been obtained or that it is functioning properly. Other apps may use cellular network or Wi-Fi based estimates to show your location on the map, these estimates are not sufficient for tracking activities like walking, running or riding.  

Question:  Why does your app not work with my device's GPS?

Answer:  Android only allows our app to turn your devices GPS hardware on and off. Our app does not have permission from Android to diagnose and fix issues.  The quality and time taken to find a GPS signal is dependent on your Android device and its manufacturer.

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