You can link a Withings account to Record from our import page on the website, or from the Connect Apps & Devices section of the mobile app. Click the Withings widget and sign in with your Withings account email and password to set this up. Once connected, we will receive the following workout information from Withings accounts: 

  • Activity (Steps) 
  • Weight
  • Sleep

Withings data doesn't automatically sync nightly, meaning to continue receiving Withings data you'll need to periodically visit the import page and select the "sync" option. 


Activities and stats are not syncing from Withings to Record account

If Withings is not syncing at all, visit the Record device import page and try the following:

  • On the Withings widget tap "Sync Data." This will initiate a manual sync. Wait a few minutes then check to see if your Record account updates with correct information. 
  • Hover over the green checkmark on the Withings widget and disconnect it from Record. After doing so reconnect Withings and check if the data transfers to Record. 
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