Importing TCX, GPX, HRM, and FIT Files


It's not yet possible to import workout files into Record directly just yet. However, it can be done through our partner site MapMyFitness. Once uploaded through the MapMy Import Page applicable workout data should appear in Record as a workout entry as long as you sign into MapMy with your Record login information. 


Activity syncs incorrectly from file import to Record

Most workout data is accepted for most file imports. We currently accept the following file formats:

  • TCX
  • GPX
  • HRM
  • FIT

Even if a file type is one we accept, there are a hand full of exceptions to our ability to import these files. For instance, if a TCX or GPX file doesn't include time-series data or GPS data then it most likely will not import to our system. Many times converted files will not upload in our system either.

Additionally, some workout systems measure statistics differently, which can lead to differences in workout stats for things like elevation gain or splits. We do not always have a good fix for these discrepancies but hope to cut down on these sorts of stats differences as we standardize practices and grow with our partners. 



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