Setting and Understanding My Goals

With UA Record, you can set daily goals for every element of your health and fitness plan, including activity, sleep, workouts, weight, and body fat %. As you progress toward your goals throughout each day, the quadrants of your Dashboard will fill up, as pictured below. To set your goals, please follow the instructions outlined below.

  • For iOS users, tap Profile icon in the upper left corner of the Dashboard > select "My Goals" to edit all goal settings.

  • For Android users, you will need to set each goal individually. You can do this by tapping on the quadrant of interest (Activity, Weight, Fitness, & Sleep). After selecting a category from your Dashboard, you will see a tile with the default "Goal" setting for this category. Tap once on the Goal tile to edit your goal setting and be sure to save any changes.


                                iOs                                              Android                            

Step Goal

The number of steps you aim to take each day.

Sleep Goal

The number of hours you aim to sleep each night.

Workout Goal

Please note when setting your daily Workout goal, you can choose either duration or caloric burn goals.

This means that attainment of your daily workout goal will be dependent on either 1) duration - how long you spent working out that day, or 2) caloric burn - how many calories you burned while working out that day (active calories). Inactive calories, such as calories burned from steps walked throughout the day, will not count toward a Workout Goal for caloric burn.

Weight Goal

The default weight goal is the weight recorded in your profile.

Nutrition Goal

You cannot update this goal manually. Your Nutrition Goal will automatically update based on your Weight Goal. For example,

  • If your Weight Goal is more than your current weight, your Nutrition Goal will update to heavy, so your goal is to eat more in order to gain weight.
  • If your Weight Goal is less than your current weight, your Nutrition Goal will update to light, so your goal is to eat less in order to lose weight.
  • If your Weight Goal is your current weight, your Nutrition Goal will default to light.

Body Fat % Goal

Only applicable if you have a UA Scale that measures body fat percentage. 


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