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Tracking a workout uses GPS to record your distance, pace/speed, heart rate (when a heart rate monitor is attached), and caloric burn during a workout. Use this feature for distance-based workouts, like runs, walks and rides, or whenever you have a HRM paired to the app. 

To track a workout using UA Band™, please follow this link.

To Track a workout using Apple Watch, please follow this link.

To track a workout using the Record app, tap the red “+” circle and then tap to select the Workout icon.

**Note to iOS users: Before tracking a workout with the app, make sure you have allowed Record permission to use your location in Location Services Settings.**


From here, select “Track Workout.”


From the Track Workout page, swipe left and right to select the appropriate activity type and then use the sliders to reflect the duration and distance goal of your workout (if applicable). You may also connect your heart rate monitor from this page by tapping 'Connect.' Make sure you follow the instructions for pairing, found here. When you have entered all fields and are ready to begin, tap the red "Start Workout" button.


Once you start your workout, available stats will be displayed on the Track Workout screen, as well as the option to pause your workout.



Viewing Heart Rate information

If you are using a heart rate monitor you can view real time heart rate data after connecting your HRM and starting your workout. There are two tabs that will show you live heart rate data as a bar chart distributed over different zones, or a chart plotting heart rate over time. Pro tip: you can tap anywhere in the graph area to toggle the display.


Viewing Maps

For workouts that receive GPS data, continue scrolling down on your screen to see a map of your workout. If you have a heart rate monitor connected, colors of your route will match your heart rate zones as explained above.

Notable buttons:

  1. The globe in the upper left will change the map to a satellite view.
  2. The arrow in the bottom left will turn on the compass and orient the map in the direction that you are facing.
  3. The lock in the bottom right will unlock the map and allow you move it around. Pressing the lock again will center onto your location and allow you to scroll up and down.

If you would like the app to not track your location while the app is not in use, System Settings > Record > Mapbox Metrics > OFF

Finishing your Workout 

When you are ready to finish your workout, tap the red "Pause Workout" button at the bottom of the screen, then slide your finger from left to right across the red "Slide to Finish" button.


The next page will allow you to create the post generated by your workout. From the Create page, you are able to: 1) set the privacy of your post, 2) write a comment about your workout, 3) delete the map of your activity 4) add a photograph, 5) add a place, 6) share your post to Facebook or Twitter, and, lastly 7) post your workout.


Once your workout has posted, it will show up on your Activity Feed under the tab labeled "My Posts." Depending on the privacy you selected, your post will be only visible to you, your friends, or to everyone (public). You can tap the post to view additional workout details, such as average and peak heart rate, average intensity, and WILLpower (if applicable).


Does Record provide voice feedback while tracking a workout?

Yes! Voice Feedback is available for Android users on version 3.3, and for iOS users it will be available on 3.5.

To enable voice feedback for your workout, you will need to do this on the "Track Workout" page. Here, you will find "Voice Feedback Settings". The settings will allow you to turn voice feedback on, adjust the volume, decide the interval (time or duration) at which you will be alerted of your selected stats, as well as give you the ability to change your "Device Voice Settings". 

Please Note: your Android device must have the "Ringtone" system volume ON in order to hear voice feedback within the app. 









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