Android Sleep Details

You are able to tap on any section of the Record Dashboard to view additional stats and historical data pertinent to that section.

To view sleep details, simply tap on the lower right quadrant of your Record Dashboard, labeled "Sleep."


The My Sleep page allows you to view today's stats and sleep details, as well as your sleep trends and resting heart rate (if tracked with UA Band) over time.


Sleep Details

If your sleep has been recorded (not logged), this section will display a timeline of your sleep for the night, indicating at which points you were in 'light' or 'deep' sleep, and at which points you were awake. Currently, only the UA Band and the Jawbone UP will import Sleep Details (light and deep sleep) data.

Resting Heart Rate

Only visible to users with a UA Band, this data is collected each night the band is worn to track sleep.

Sleep Trends

This chart allows you to view your sleeping logs in relation to your Sleep Goal over time. You can select your preferred time-span: week, month, or year to help you gain valuable insight into your progress.

Protip: Tap the circled 'i' icon next to "Daily Sleep" to view information about why getting sufficient sleep is critical to your health and wellness.


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