Import Sleep

There are a number of integrations that will automatically import data from an external source into Record. Since many of our integrations have limitations on what data is shared, please read the articles in the following sections to avoid confusion about the extent of our integration with various partners.

Device integrations that result in sleep tracked by Record:

Account integrations that result in sleep imported into Record:

If you have connected more than one device or account that tracks steps or sleep, you may need to verify that the correct source is prioritized. To do so, open the UA Record app > tap "UA Sync" in the upper right corner > tap "Manage Priority" and confirm your preferred sources.


Please follow the instructions in the linked help center articles above for how to connect and troubleshooting syncing issues with these integrations.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please check out the rest of our Help Center, or submit a support request here

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