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Each workout you record/log with Record creates a post on your Activity Feed, but you can create a post at anytime without recording/logging a workout, too! Posting to Record is a great way to stay in touch with friends, ask for advice, or encourage others!

To create a post on iOS, tap the red “+” circle and then tap to select the Status icon.


To create a post on Android, tap the icon with three horizontal bars in the top left of the Dashboard > select "Feed" > tap the pencil icon.


When creating a post you can select your preferred privacy setting, write a message, attach a photo or video, include a place, and share to Facebook / Twitter.


Once you're done, click "Post." Once completed, your post will appear on your Activity Feed under the tab "My Posts." Anyone who can view the post (dependent on your privacy settings) can like or comment on the post by tapping the heart icon or the speech bubble beneath the post.


 Why isn't my video uploading?

If you have attached a video to your post, the video may need time to compress before posting. While the video is loading, you can close the app and you should receive a notification when the video is done processing. Additionally, you may need to check your network strength. Because video's have such a large file size, any interruption in your network could cause the video to time out and fail to load.


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