UA Band™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my band waterproof?
A. Your band is rated at 2ATM (atmospheres), meaning it is splash and sweatproof. However, it is not meant to be submerged underwater so we do not suggest wearing while swimming.
Q. How can I customize my band’s notifications?
A. By default, band notifications are turned off. You can opt in to a variety of notifications within the UA Record app: tap the Sync icon in the top right corner > tap the UA Band > select "Notifications
Q. Can I customize my idle time alert?
A. Your UA Band will vibrate after one hour of physical inactivity. The timing of this alert cannot be adjusted.
Q. How long will the band’s battery last?
A. Expected battery life is five days, if the notification feature is off. This estimate accounts for one hour of tracked exercise per day, and sleep tracking each night.  The maximum battery time for a continuous tracked workout is five hours. You can recharge your battery to its full life amount in less than an hour.
Q. What does airplane mode do?
A. Enabling “Airplane Mode" will sever the communication between phone and band by disconnecting Bluetooth. The band’s movement and sleep tracking features will not be impacted, but it will no longer connect with the Heart Rate strap, or with your phone. Putting the band in Airplane Mode may extend the expected battery life of the band. 
Q. Will adjusting brightness affect my battery?
A. Yes, the brighter the setting, the more battery required.
Q. What does the flashing blue light near the power button mean?
A. A flashing blue light indicates that the band is in discovery mode and is ready to pair with your phone. The same light will display different colors to indicate your heart rate zone, when the band is paired with UA Heart Rate™. When displaying heart rate zones, the light does not flash.
Q. What is an average ratio for light to deep sleep?
A. Most adults spend 20-25% of their time asleep in "deep sleep," also known as REM sleep.
Q. How can I review the history of my tracked data?
A. Open the UA Record app on your phone to check the history by day, week, month or year.
Q. Can I connect UA Band with my phone through other apps?
A. UA Band only can be connected to your phone using the UA Record app.
Q. I've been using my UA Band, but would like to pair it with a new phone. What should I do? A. UA Band can only pair and connect to one phone at a time. If you want to pair your band with a different phone, perform the “Forget this Phone” action on the band (tap the Settings icon > tap the Phone icon > scroll through the text and tap to confirm when prompted to “Forget?”). The band’s LED will flash blue to indicate it is in pairing mode. You may now begin the pairing process in the UA Record app on your new phone. (Optionally, you may choose to completely reset your UA band to prompt the pairing process. Please see “Performing a Factory Reset” in the UA Band User Guide).
Note: If you choose to re-pair your band with your original phone, you will need to visit your phone’s Bluetooth settings to forget the band, then launch the UA Record app, open the UA Band settings, and tap “Forget this Device” when Record reports it cannot detect the band.
Q. What workout types will use my phone's GPS to record the workout’s GPS data?
A. Walk, Run and Bike exercises will gather GPS data from your phone if it is carried during the workout. At this time, you can only view a map of your route and the heart rate graphs in one of UnderArmour’s MapMyFitness apps. To view this data, tap on the post a second time. If you have a MapMy app installed on your phone, you should be prompted with "UA Record would like to open MapMy..." If you press "allow," MapMy will launch and display your Workout Details, including map/route and various graphs, including elevation and heart rate (if applicable). To view heart rate and elevation graphs, you will need to swipe right to view the additional panels. You must be logged in with the same account in UA Record and MapMy to see mapped data.
Q. Can I pair a different HR monitor instead of UA Heart Rate Monitor to my UA Band?
A. UA Band can only be paired with UA Heart Rate from UA HealthBox. No other heart rate monitors can be paired.
Q. Can I pair more than one UA Heart Rate Monitor to my UA Band?
A. No, the UA Band can only pair and connect to one UA Heart Rate Monitor at a time. If you wish to pair with a different UA Heart Rate strap, please go to the Heart Rate Settings in the UA Record app on your phone to forget the currently paired Heart Rate strap.
Q. What can I do if I can't pair UA Band with my phone?
A. Make sure that you've turned on your phone’s Bluetooth® connection. Your phone should also be within 10 meters of your band.
Q. How does UA Band calculate the calories burned data shown on the Fitness and Activity screens?
A. Information for calories burned is based on the following:
Activity Screen
  • Data from your UA Record profile
  • Steps taken during the day (Basic Metabolic Rate)

Fitness Screen

  • Your heart rate (from UA Heart Rate, if connected)
  • The workout type or activity selected
  • Steps taken during workout
  • Duration of workout
Q. How does UA Band know when I'm sleeping?
A. Your UA Band automatically tracks your sleep based on your movement and the band's angle on your wrist. When your UA Band detects that you've been inactive and relatively still for more than 30 minutes, it will start to record the period as your sleep time. During sleep mode, your UA Band will track the quality of your sleep. When you get up from bed and resume activity, UA Band will recognize that you're awake and exit from sleep mode.
Q. How many days of tracking can my UA Band store if I don't sync it with UA Record?
A. Your UA Band can store up to 7 days of your activity data and up to 10 workouts. Your latest stats will overwrite your older data if you fail to sync your band with UA Record within the period.
Q. What can I do if I can't find GPS data for my workout even if I've enabled the option in UA Band settings in the UA Record app?
A. Make sure that you've also enabled GPS tracking on your phone. This option is usually found on your phone's location-related settings.
Q. Will wearing my UA Band cause skin irritation?
A. Your UA Band was developed using materials that were tested against a variety of conditions. All of these tests found that the materials are not irritating to the skin. The plastic material is polycarbonate and fulfilled the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) requirements.
If you do develop a skin condition while using your UA Band, please stop wearing it and consult a dermatologist.
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