Tracking Sleep

If enabled from within the UA Record app, your UA Band will record your sleep automatically. Auto-sleep is enabled by default. Your band will track your time spent in light and deep sleep, as well as resting heart rate. To enable/disable, open UA Record > tap the "UA Sync" icon in the top right, > select UA Band > tap "Band Customizations" > toggle "Sleep Auto-Detect" to the on/off position.
Sleep Tracking
Wear your UA Band to bed each night to automatically track your sleep and resting heart rate. When you wake up, your band will detect you are awake and will conclude recording sleep for the night. 
Your UA Band may take a few moments to register that you are fully awake, and the sleep session may continue to record for a few minutes after waking up. This is normal, and the sleep session will end soon; however, you can to press the "Pause" then “Stop” icons on your band to manually stop the recording. If you manually stop a sleep session, be sure to tap the check-mark icon to save your sleep data to UA Record.


Tip: If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can toggle between sleep time elapsed and the current time by tapping .

                  Sleep Time Elapsed

                  Current Time
Once sleep data syncs to the UA Record app, it will appear in the Sleep quadrant of the Record Dashboard. More detailed information, such as time-series and light/deep sleep data can be viewed by tapping on the Sleep quadrant.
Setting UA Band to Record your Sleep
  1. On your phone, open the UA Record app.
  2. On the main screen of the UA Record app, tap .
  3. Under My Apps & Devices, tap .
  4. Under Preferences, tap Band Customization.
  5. Toggle the Sleep Auto-Detect switch to turn auto detection on or off.
Manually Logging Sleep
There are two ways to manually log sleep- using the app or using the band.
  1. To log sleep within the UA Record app: open the app > tap the ‘+’ icon to add an activity > then tap Sleep. On the next screen adult the Asleep Time and Awake Time sliders to reflect when you fell asleep and when you woke up. Be sure to tap “Save” a the bottom.
  2. If you want to manually record your sleep, follow these steps:

    1. On the Home screen, swipe left or right until you get to the Sleep screen.
    2. Tap to go to the Log manual screen.
    3. Tap to start recording.
    4. Tap to pause, and then tap to stop recording.
    5. Tap to save your data.


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