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You asked, we delivered!  Calories consumed and logged in MyFitnessPal can now populate the Nutrition quadrant of your Record Dashboard. If you choose to track calories with MFP, your Nutrition Detail page in Record will show your calorie intake from MFP, your calorie goal from MFP, and your exercise calorie burn from steps and workouts.

To enable this feature, first make sure your Record and MyFitnessPal accounts are connected. Once connected, tap on the Nutrition quadrant of your Record Dashboard.


Tap the "Switch to MyFitnesssPal tracking" option and tap "OK" to confirm.

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Calories consumed and logged in MyFitnessPal, should now begin populating the Nutrition quadrant of your Record Dashboard.


Tapping on the Nutrition section will show you a breakdown of your calorie goal + calories consumed + exercise calories. 


Where do  the foods I logged in MyFitnessPal appear in Record?

Record only displays the total calories consumed per day from MyFitnessPal and not the individual foods eaten throughout the day. This means ONLY calorie values will transfer to your Nutrition quadrant, not food items. 

Where do the values on my Nutrition Details page come from?

The Nutrition quadrant on your My Record Dashboard will show your calorie intake vs. your total calorie budget. Your calorie budget is your calorie goal set in MyFitnessPal plus any additional calories you burn from exercise, including steps and workouts. If you log a workout in MFP, we automatically import the workout into Record so you get credit for it in your exercise calories.

How do I change my calories consumed goal for the Nutrition section?

Tracking calories with MyFitnessPal in Record gives you the ability to edit your calorie goal in MyFitnessPal via Record. 

To edit your calorie goal, tap the Nutrition quadrant of your Record Dashboard > tap "Edit Calorie Goal." This will redirect you to the Goals page in MyFitnessPal where you can edit your weight and activity level, which will change your calorie goal, or you can edit the calorie goal directly.

If you edit your calorie goal, or any of the factors that will change your calorie goal in MyFitnessPal, your calorie intake will update shortly after you return to Record. 

If you are using iOS 9, you can use the iOS back button to easily return to Record when you are done logging food and editing your goals. 

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