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Version 3.0 of Record works with the Apple Watch like never before! You asked, we listened. You can now leave your phone at home to record your workout AND record your HR using the Apple Watch's native HRM! 
Getting Started
When you download the Record app in the iTunes store, it contains the Apple Watch app inside of it. To access and use Record with your Apple Watch, follow the instructions below:
  • Open the app called “Watch” (this is an Apple app that comes on the iPhone)
  • Scroll down to list of phone apps and select Record
  • Toggle Record to the “on” position, this will prompt the installation of the Record app on your watch. It may take up to 30 seconds to install the app on your watch.
  • Once the app icon appears on your watch, you are able to start/finish/pause the recording of a workout, and the best part? YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME!
How to use Record for Apple Watch 
Permissions and Tracking
Upon opening the Record app on your Apple Watch, you should be asked to grant permissions for the app to receive steps, heart rate, and other activity data from Apple Health. In order to use the Record app on your Apple Watch, you must grant these permissions on your iPhone.  Workouts recorded on the watch using Record without these permissions will be missing all data except duration. If you accidentally declined or dismissed this permission initially, you need to go to your phone's Settings > Privacy > Health > Record > toggle all fields to the "on" position, as illustrated below.
Once permissions have been granted, you can have the step quadrant in Record display your steps tracked from your Apple Watch. To enable this, open Record > tap "UA Sync" in the top right corner of the Dashboard > select 'Apple Health & Apple Watch' > toggle 'Apple Watch step tracking’ to the ON position > tap ‘Connect.’
Viewing 24/7 Activity
You can view data by clicking on the modal of your Apple Watch's sleep screen, or by tapping to open the Record app from the watch's home screen. 
After launching the app, you can paginate between the Record Dashboard and the Record a Workout screens by swiping right.
When viewing your Record Dashboard, you can use the digital crown to highlight and view additional stats for each quadrant. 
From the Record a Workout page, you can use the digital crown to select an Activity Type and press “Start” to begin recording a workout. 
Recording a Workout
While recording a workout, page 1 of displayed stats includes: duration, pace, distance, calories.   
Swipe right to view page 2 of displayed stats, which includes: current and average heart rate, peak heart rate, intensity, WILLpower, and HR Zones. 
When on page 2 of workout stats, you can scroll down using the digital crown to view heart rate zone distributions. Note that your current heart rate display is color coded to match what heart rate zone you are in.
Swipe right to page 3 to pause/finish a workout.
After finishing workout, view Workout Summary page and select Discard/Save workout. Your workout will not import into Record unless you tap to "Save workout."
Workouts recorded with watch do not include route/map. 
Using the Watch as a Remote Display or Heart Rate Monitor
If you open the Record app on your watch, then start tracking your workout from your phone, the watch will display your workout stats. This is useful if you are tracking a workout using the phone's GPS but are storing the phone in some place where it is inaccessible. Please note that if you begin the workout on your phone, you must end the workout on your phone. Whatever device is used to initiate the workout, the same device must be used to end the workout.
If you have given Apple Health permission for heart rate, heart rate data will be read from Apple Watch unless there is another heart rate monitor connected to your phone.
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