Insights Powered By IBM Watson

What are insights?

Insights powered by IBM Watson is a feature that can help you improve your fitness and see where you stand compared to similar users. Insights are only available to iOS users at this time. 

An example of the type of information Insights may provide is pictured below.


Enable/Disable Insights

By default, Insights are enabled for iOS users. You can enable/disable insights in Record's settings. To do so, open Record and tap the "More" icon in the bottom right of the Dashboard.


From the menu presented, please select "Settings."


From the Settings menu, please select "Notifications".


From the Notifications menu, please enable "Push Notifications" and toggle on "Insights".



Insights by IBM Watson are developed using aggregated and de-identified data on sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition from across the Under Armour community.  For more details on how Under Armour shares information see our Privacy Policy.

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