Workout Details

You are able to tap on any section of the Record Dashboard to view additional stats and historical data pertinent to that section.

To view workout details, simply tap on the lower left quadrant of your Record Dashboard, labeled "Fitness."


The stats and graphs on the My Fitness page will depend on whether or not your Workout Goal is based on "Calories Burned" or "Duration." For more information about this distinction, please read "Setting and Understanding My Goals." For your convenience, both options are presented below.

The My Fitness page allows you to view today's stats, log a rest day (meaning you will not be working out that day), review a summary of your most recent workout, and view your workout trends over time.

                  Calories Burned                                          Duration 


Last Workout

This section provides a summary of the last workout Record has on file for you, as well as the ability to view the post from your workout on your Activity Feed.

Workout Trends

This chart allows you to view your performance in relation to your Workout Goal over time. You can select your preferred time-span: week, month, or year to help you gain valuable insight into your progress.

Protip: Tap the circled 'i' icon next to "Daily Workouts" to view helpful information about what a good fitness goal for your lifestyle may be.


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