How Do You Feel?

Record has introduced the How Do You Feel scale as the final component in tracking all elements of your health and wellness plan. Found beneath the wheel containing Activity, Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, and Weight, the How Do You Feel? scale allows users to quickly and easily select a number, 1-10, to indicate how they're feeling that day. Entries will be tracked over time and displayed in a chart below on your Record Dashboard.


After sliding to select a number, your How Do You Feel? entry will be automatically saved within Record. You can over-ride an entry at any point during the day by changing the number; however, it is recommended that you rate yourself at the same time each day for reliable insights.

After saving an entry, you are able to add any additional notes about how you're feeling by tapping the "Add Notes" button beneath the scale. 

You can view your entries over time by scrolling down on the Dashboard to the Progress To Goals section.


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