If you have a pedometer-equipped Android device, you can link GoogleFit to the Record app and view your daily steps. You will need to download and set up GoogleFit on your device before linking it to the Record app.

To do so, download the app form the Google Play Store > tap app iconto open and set up GoogleFit.

Next, open the Record application and tap the icon in the top right of the Dashboard page, then select "GoogleFit."


Tap "Connect" to link your accounts > select "allow" to share data > select Record Steps and Sync Workouts.


Record Steps

If allowed, steps counted by your phone's pedometer will appear within UA Record. 

Sync Workouts

If allowed, workouts recorded in UA Record will export to GoogleFit.

If you have connected more than one device or account that tracks steps, the app will direct you to the Manage Priority page and prompt you to confirm your preferred sources.




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