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In order to link your Record account to the Apple Health app, open the Record app > tap the "UA Sync" icon in the top right of the Dashboard > scroll to select 'Apple Health' > tap Connect > toggle permissions for all data to the "on" position > tap "Allow."

Once connected, the following data will sync from UA Record to Apple Health:

  • Active Energy (Calories burned through exercise)
  • Sleep (unless tracked by UA Band)
  • Weight
  • Workouts

Additionally, the following data will sync from Apple Health to UA Record:

  • Sleep Analysis
  • Heart Rate (via the Apple Watch)
  • Step data (via the Apple Watch)
  • Walking/Running distance (via the Apple Watch)

Please note that UNLESS you have the Apple Watch and have connected it to UA Record, Record will not receive any non-sleep data from Apple Health; it will only send data to Apple Health.

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