UA HealthBox™ & MyFitnessPal

How do I connect UA HealthBox™  to MyFitnessPal?

Follow the UA HealthBox instructions to set up your HealthBox devices in UA Record. Simply connect your Record and MyFitnessPal accounts to start tracking your weight, all-day activity, and workouts in MyFitnessPal. 

How do I pair UA HealthBox devices directly to MyFitnessPal
You will not pair any of your UA HealthBox devices directly with MyFitnessPal. UA HealthBox devices are only intended to pair with UA Record. Connect your MyFitnessPal and Record accounts by tapping the "UA Sync" icon in the top right of your Dashboard. Once connected, Record will automatically update MyFitnessPal with any weight tracked with Record or the UA Scale. Your steps and calorie burn from all-day activity will automatically sync with MyFitnessPal when you track this data with Record or your UA Band. Workouts tracked with UA Band and/or UA HeartRate will also appear automatically in MyFitnessPal to help you on your fitness journey.

I bought UA HealthBox and was offered a free MyFitnessPal Premium subscription for a trial period.
When you Register with Record and pair your HealthBox devices, we will send you an email with a promo code.

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