Navigating your UA Band™

Many features and settings of UA Band can be accessed directly on the band by tapping, swiping left or right, or pressing the Home button.
Home Button
Press the Home button briefly to wake up the band’s display, or to quickly return to the Home screen from another zoneFrom the Home screen, briefly press the Home button to turn the display off.
Hold the Home button for several seconds to fully power off the band, for instance to save battery if your charge is running low. Tap the checkmark to confirm powering off.
Zones & Navigating 
Your band has five zones: Home, Activity, Sleep, Heart Rate, and Fitness.  To navigate between the zones, swipe left or right across the width of the display. Stop swiping when you reach the desired zone.
After a moment, the band will display your daily progress for that zone. Tap the down arrow on the side of the display to drill down to additional details.
  • On the Home screen, swipe left or right to switch between screens on the Home row.
  • On some screens, you can tap or to view more options.
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