UA Band Calibration for Running

Great news! Under Armour has release a new feature for the UA Band called "Run Calibration."  Run Calibration can be used to improve the distance recorded by UA Band while running. 

Please note that in order to use the Run Calibration feature, you must be running the latest version of Record, version 3.5 for iOS and Android users. Please check the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store for an app update.

Additionally, your UA Band must be running software version Once you have upgraded the correct app version, please check your Record app for any updates by opening UA Record > tap "UA Sync" > select your UA Band > tap on "Software Version" to check for updates.

How to Use Run Calibration

When recording workouts with your UA Band, the distance measured may be somewhat inaccurate due to varying running styles. As a way of combatting this discrepancy, we have created the Run Calibration feature. The best way to use Run Calibration is to run a known distance while recording the workout with your UA Band. You could run around a track or choose a trail or route that you already know the distance of. Once you've completed the run workout with your UA Band, if there is a discrepancy between the known distance and the recorded distance, you can use the Run Calibration feature to align the two and make future run workouts more accurate. The more “known distance runs” recorded with UA Band, the more accurate your calibration will be.

How to Enable/Disable Run Calibration

Once you have updated your band and app to meet the minimum requirements and recorded at least 1 run with your UA Band, you can enable Run Calibration from your Band Settings page. To access, open UA Record and tap the "UA Sync" icon in the top right corner.

Next, tap to select your UA Band from the list of connected devices.


Once on your UA Band Settings page, select "Calibrate for Running."


The Band Calibration page should have your most recent workouts recorded by UA Band listed. Focus on the run that you recorded with a known distance. This will result in the most accurate calibration.

Use the sliders to alter the calibration factor until the values in the Actual distance column are in line with what you know to be the true distance of your run workout(s). Once they are aligned, select "Save."


Future run workouts recorded with your UA Band will use the selected calibration factor to more accurately report the distance you run.

You can always revisit the Band Calibration page to recalibrate your UA Band for better results.

Will enabling Run Calibration correct runs I've recorded with my UA Band in the past?

No, enabling Run Calibration will only affect future run workouts. You can, however, edit previous workouts without using Run Calibration if you believe the distance to be inaccurate. To edit a workout, visit the post on your Activity Feed > tap the "..." icon > select Edit Workout.

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