Edit/Delete Workout

As of version 3.1, you can edit or delete your workout from within the UA Record app's Activity Feed!

To edit or delete a workout, navigate to your Activity Feed > tap "My Posts" > and tap the "..." icon directly beneath the post you wish to edit or delete.


After tapping "..." a menu will appear that will allow you to:

  • Edit Workout
  • Share post
  • Edit post
  • Edit privacy (of post)
  • Delete post


After selecting "Edit Workout," you will be redirected to an edit screen that allows you to change all stats related to your workout. 

Note: Deleting a post will remove the workout from your Activity Feed as well as from your daily stats. 



Once you have finished editing, be sure to tap "Save." It may take a few moments for your Dashboard to reflect any changes made. If you still can't see the updated Dashboard, try force quitting the app and re-launching.

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