Tracking Resting & Instantaneous Heart Rate

Recording Resting Heart Rate
Your UA Band is designed to measure and record resting heart rate data once per day. Resting heart rate is best measured in the absence of any physical energy expenditure other than your own metabolic rate. To collect this data point, UA Band™ captures your resting heart rate at the end of your sleep session, regardless of when your sleep session occurs. Heart rate samples are gathered every 15 minutes while you’re asleep, and the most recent measurement taken before you awake is synced to the UA Record™ app.
Viewing Resting Heart Rate Data
Resting heart rate data is presented at the bottom of the Record Dashboard. Scroll downward, past the "How Do You Feel?" and "Progress to Goals" graphs to find your resting heart rate data.
Alternatively, you can view resting heart rate on the Sleep Details page. To view this information, tap the Sleep quadrant from your Record Dashboard and scroll down.
Recording Instantaneous Heart Rate
Instantaneous heart rate data (Beats per Minute or BPM) can be taken whenever you want.  To measure your heart rate, tighten the band around wrist, make sure band’s HRM reader is not on bone, and swipe across the display until you reach the Heart Rate screen. It may take up to 30 seconds for your BPM to display. Instantaneous heart rate measurements will not appear in the UA Record app.
To measure your heart rate during a workout recorded on the band’s Fitness screen, you will need to connect your UA Heart Rate.
Viewing Instantaneous Heart Rate Data
Instantaneous heart rate readings taken by the UA Band will not import anywhere into UA Record at this time. The only heart rate data recorded by UA Band that will be visible in UA Record is resting heart rate.
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