Troubleshoot - UA Scale™

Resetting Your UA Scale™

Resetting your UA Scale clears all data stored on your UA Scale including the profiles.
  1. Briefly press your UA Scale with your foot to turn it on.
  2. Press until you see Reset, and then press to select it.
  3. Press to confirm.

Why is my weight reading inconsistent?

If your UA Scale is providing inconsistent readings, please note that every time the scale is moved or repositioned, the first few readings will be high because the scale must re-calibrate to the new surface. After it calibrates, the scale has been tested at an accuracy within 1% of true weight for each measurement.  The UA Scale does not keep past measurements in memory like some other scales do, which can give users the illusion of consistent readings, when this is not really the case.  Because earlier weight readings are not necessarily more correct than the following readings, every measurement UA Scale takes is a blank slate (excluding calibration of course). Although the readings may fluctuate slightly, you can be confident they will all be within 1% of true weight. 



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