Pairing A Bluetooth Sensor - Troubleshooting Tips

We integrate with a lot of different devices and sensors, some Bluetooth and others ANT+. Bluetooth sensor and device connections are only available for iPhone 4S and above, as well as any Android phone with at least OS 4.3 and Bluetooth Smart capabilities. ANT+ is only native to some Android phones, and requires an adapter (or "dongle") for all iPhones. Please make sure your phone is ANT+ capable before trying to pair an ANT+ device.

For general instructions on pairing a heart rate monitor or device see our Pairing A Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor or Sensor help article. 

If you're having trouble connecting your device, the best option would be to follow the instructions below. This should help you reconnect any sensors (especially Bluetooth) including heart rate monitors, stride sensors, speed & cadence sensors, power meters, and smart display watches such as the Pebble and the Apple Watch. 

  1. Ensure your device's Bluetooth settings are ON in your phone's system settings
  2. If a sensor will not connect after confirming Bluetooth is on, visit the Bluetooth Settings in your phone > select the sensor you are trying to pair > tap to "forget this device."
  3. Open the UA Record app and tap the  icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard. Does your device appear in the list under the header "My Apps & Devices?" If so, tap the sensor and "forget this device."
  4. Now the sensor should appear under the header "Connect Devices." Attempt to pair your sensor again. It could take a minute or two. 
  5. If this doesn't work, restart your phone. 
  6. Force quit all open apps, and then relaunch the UA Record app.
  7. Finally, delete and reinstall the app from the app store, which will both ensure you're using the latest version and should clear any temporary files and cache that may have caused this problem. 

REMEMBER: A heart rate monitor WILL NOT connect via bluetooth unless the electrodes are moistened FIRST. 

A final note, if your device continues to fail when connecting, you may need to replace the device's battery, as these CR2032 coin cell batteries tend to last between three and six months. 


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