The Dashboard

Record's Dashboard is designed to help you track all elements in your health and fitness plan, including activity, fitness, nutrition, sleep, weight, and how you feel. Below, find an in depth explanation of the Dashboard's features and functionality.



  1. Your Profile (iOS), Menu (Android)
  2. Share your Record Dashboard to...
  3. Manage Apps & Devices
  4. Toggle left and right to view different day's data
  5. Tap once to view recorded weight, tap twice to view weight details
  6. Choose week, month, or year to view your progress to goals over time
  7. Select the icons for Sleep, Fitness, Activity, and Nutrition to customize which stats are displayed in the Progress To Goals chart.
  8. Tap information icons to reveal additional information and helpful tips pertaining to your health and wellness
  9. Tap the "Goal" box from any details page to change your goal for that area
  10. Log sleep, food, workout, weight, and post a status to your activity feed
  11. Return to the Record Dashboard at any time
  12. Activity Feed
  13. Create and view challenges
  14. Menu > Profile, Friends & Follows,, Manage Apps & Devices, and Settings

Note: Resting heart rate data will only display for users who have a UA Band paired to the app.


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