Log Workout

Use this feature for workouts like Gym, Yoga, or Sports, and any other activities that are not distance-based workouts like runs and walks.

To log a workout, tap the red “+” circle and then tap to select the Workout icon.


From here, select “Log Workout.”


From the Log Workout page, swipe left and right to select the appropriate activity type and then use the sliders to reflect the duration of your workout. You may also select a start time; however, please note that you can only log workouts up to 7 days old. When you have completed all fields, tap the red "Log Workout" button.


The next page will allow you to create the post generated by your workout. From the Create page, you are able to: 1) set the privacy of your post, 2) write a comment about your workout, 3) add a photograph, 4) add a place, 5) share your post to Facebook or Twitter, and, lastly 6) post your workout.


Once your workout has posted, it will show up on your Activity Feed under the tab labeled "My Posts." Depending on the privacy you selected, your post will be only visible to you, your friends, or to everyone (public).  



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