Managing Multiple Profiles on UA Scale™

Changing Profiles During Weigh-in

If two or more users have similar weights, UA Scale™ may not automatically identify the correct user during weigh-in. If this occurs, you can manually select your profile to assign the measured weight correctly.  To change the profile, step off the scale and press on the left side of the scale with one foot once the profile icon is illuminatedThe arrow icon (Next) will illuminate on the right side of the scale.  Press with one foot on the right side of the scale until the correct profile name shows up on the screen.  Then press on the left side of the scale underneath the checkmark icon (Select) to confirm the correct profile. 

Adding Additional User Profiles to UA Scale

Your scale can remember up to eight users.  To be remembered by the scale and have weight synced to UA Record, each additional user must pair their UA Record profile to UA Scale™.
To add a profile, make sure the following has been completed by the new user:
  • Turn OFF Bluetooth in new user's phone settings
  • Install UA Record and reigster or login to the App.
  1. Turn the scale on by stepping on it (left or right foot but do not stand on it). Scale should say “step up.”
  2. Launch the UA Record App.
  3. Tap “UA Sync” icon in the top right corner of the UA Record App's Dashboard
  4. App will prompt for Bluetooth to be turned on – tap to allow/connect.
  5. Choose “UA Scale” on the UA Record App.
  6. Wait for the scale to read “CONFIRM SCALE.”
  7. Press on the scale with your foot to confirm (do not stand on scale).
  8. Wait for scale to read “SCALE CONFIRMED.”
  9. Bluetooth pairing will finish on the phone (Note: BT pairing will not complete if you are standing on it).
  10. Finish the rest of the setup.

Deleting User Profile from UA Scale

If all eight profile slots are in use, you can delete existing profiles to make room for new users.
  1. Briefly press your UA Scale with your foot to turn it on.
  2. Press the right side of the scale  until you see Profile, and then press the left side  to select it.
  3. Press the right side  until you see the profile you want to delete, and then press  the left side to select it.
  4. Press the right side to show the delete option, and then press the left side to select it.
  5. Press the left side to confirm.


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